NutriOpia is a diet and nutrition consultancy center that focuses on helping people with personalized nutrition plans, tailored to their individual needs and preferences. It was established in December 2021 by two visionary dietitians as part of ZEMAKEL Trading PLC.

NutriOpia targets every individual who wants to be healthy by modifying a healthy lifestyle since it helps to prevent, control, or cure different health conditions. Therefore every member of society benefits in one way or another.

These are some of the services we offer:

nutriopia Weight Correction
Weight Correction

We as dietitians, can play a vital role in helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. We provide personalized nutrition counseling and meal planning to help people make healthy food choices that...

nutriopia Non Communicable Diseases Control
Non Communicable Diseases Control

It is commonly known that lifestyle factors, particularly eating habits, have a significant impact on the occurrence non-communicable diseases. With our help, you can effectively prevent or even reverse...

nutriopia Delayed Wound Healing Nutrition Counseling
Delayed Wound Healing Nutrition Counseling

People may sustain various wounds for a variety of reasons, and healing from these wounds can occasionally be difficult, particularly if a large area is injured. Under such circumstances, nutrition is...

nutriopia Maternal and Child Health Nutrition
Maternal and Child Health Nutrition

We are committed to helping mothers and children achieve optimal nutrition and always best in ensuring optimal nutrition for mothers and children.

nutriopia Healthy Eating Counseling
Healthy Eating Counseling

Eat healthier, feel better, and live longer with our healthy eating counseling service.

nutriopia Sport Nutrition
Sport Nutrition

Want to fuel your performance, and optimize your recovery? Whether you're a competitive athlete or just someone who enjoys staying active, We can help you achieve your goals.

nutriopia Special Need Nutrition
Special Need Nutrition

We are committed to helping individuals with special needs and nourishing their unique needs, to achieve optimal nutrition.

nutriopia Nutrition-Related Training and Research
Nutrition-Related Training and Research

We are committed to empowering individuals and communities to make healthier choices.